Improv Level 1

Introduction to Improv

6 week class  –  Tickets available here for $320 for the term. 

(Wednesday 3 May  – Wednesday 7 June)

Explore your creativity, build your confidence and have fun as you develop the basic skills of improvisation through games and exercises.

Improvisation (or improv) is a style of theatre where players create stories, characters and dialogue on the spot together.

In this 6 week course, participants will explore spontaneity, active listening, creative collaboration and other basic building blocks of improvisation, all in a supportive environment that embraces the idea of trusting yourself and failing joyfully.

This class is great for people new to improv or improvisers and actors who want to break habits and get back to simple, basic fun.

Improv level 2

Weekend intensive classes coming soon! 


Watching good improv scenes feels like watching a magic trick.

The characters, the space work, the relationships, where has it all coming from? Where are the strings? What is this elaborate sleight of hand?

Over this 6 week course, we hone the basics of improv into sharper two person scenes. From building stronger characters, to fine tuning our scene work, finding compelling relationships and making offers that resonate with your scene partner. Let’s get out of our bodies, out of our minds and just have fun, making up stories that have never been told before and will never be told again. Better characters, better relationships, better scenes.

This course is suitable for people who have completed Lightbulb Improv’s Introduction to Improvisation or with previous improv training or experience.

Taught by Carlo Ritchie

Carlo Ritchie is one half of acclaimed improvised comedy duo The Bear Pack alongside fellow ITS director Steen Raskopoulos. Since 2008 Carlo has performed in various long and short improvised formats both at home and abroad, including Full Body Contact No Love Tennis in Sydney, Snort in Auckland and Good Luck, Barbara in Berlin. The Bear Pack has sold out at the Sydney, Melbourne and Edinburgh comedy festivals, as well as the invite only Cat Laughs Festival in Kilkenny and London’s Soho and 2Northdown theatres.

In addition to being a regular guest in Dictionary Corner on SBS’s Celebrity Letters and Numbers his television credits include ABCs Mikki Versus the World and Prank You Very Much and the upcoming A Beginners Guide to Grief on SBS on Demand. He is also a writer for children’s television institution, Play School.

Carlo is one of the founding directors of Improv Theatre Sydney and the former Artistic Director.

Corporate Classes

Adapt: Building Resilience

Amplify: Communicate with Confidence

Connect: Building Your Team

Corporate classes on request: 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 3 hours