You can catch the Lightbulb performers around Canberra in a range of performances throughout the year, from our regular monthly comedy show to special one-off performances created for festivals and events. Find out more about our shows here. 

The Lightbulb players perform in a range of settings in Canberra. In March 2019, Lightbulb presented their signature game-show “Truth or Dare” at the Street Theatre as part of the  Canberra Comedy Festival.  Lightbulb has also premiered the Canberra Unscripted festival for 2017, 2018 and 2019 and performs in local festivals, such as Art Not Apart (2018 and 2019).

The Lightbulb players perform a monthly show ‘Switched On’ at Smiths Alternative. Lightbulb also produces ‘Strong Female Lead’ to showcase the artistic talent of Canberra women across many genres, and ‘Cage Match’,  a show open to all local improvisers to entertain with their favourite format.

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Canberra Unscripted Festival

For the third year, Lightbulb is co-producing the Canberra Unscripted Festival at the Street Theatre.  The Lightbulb troupe is excited to present a collaboration with local playwrights in the show Script Tease. Amy Crawford & Lou Maconachie are also directing the late night sensation: Late Night Cabernet with local talented improvisers. Check out the full festival line-up at The Street Theatre.

SCRIPT TEASE:  Thursday 19 September 7.00-9.30pm 

Local Playwrights create the first scene. Lightbulb Improv will take it from there. Local playwrights (Harriet Elvin, John Robert Lombard, Greg Gould and Laura Griffin) will create the first scene of an original play; unknown and unseen by the Lightbulb players. Canberra’s premiere improvisation troupe will then take these scripts beyond the page to endings unknown. It’s fleeting Theatre magic!    Directed by Katherine Berry

LATE NIGHT CABERNET:  Friday 20 September & Saturday 21 September 9.30pm

A rich vintage best enjoyed after dark. A Cabaret show that has only got better with ageJoin our collection of curious performers in Late Night Cabernet as they unwind and play after a big show. Yarns will be woven and songs will be sung. Age-old rivalries will surface and dark secrets will be exposed. It’s the variety show these strange performers only intend to show to each other. For a unique show, never to be seen again… don’t delay to Late Night Cabernet.   Directed by Lou Maconachie and Amy Crawford

Switched-On Show

Switched On @ Smiths

Lightbulb Improv is Canberra’s premier improvised comedy ensemble, performing at Smiths Alternative every month. Our next show is Thursday 4 July.

Based on a theme the Lightbulb Players create an unscripted comedy variety show. In a lively and daring journey, the players craft stories, games, songs and fearless theatre that frees the mind, delights the intellect and basically distils the meaning of life.  Check out some of our past shows here and here

Strong Female Lead

As featured in HerCanberra, Strong Female Lead showcases the talented women of Canberra. It’s a place for our songs, our stories and our creative souls.

On 22 August, we proudly present theatrical work by Ali Clinch, a comedic monologue  “Shopping for Underwear “performed by Liz St Clair Long (written by Harriet Elvin), a trio of music with Ruth Oettle and much more.


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Cage Match

Welcome to Canberra’s most risky improv show, where four courageous teams of emerging talent take the stage to prove who is the most daring. This is a no-holds-barred competition and you decide which team will be crowned the Cage-Match champion and advance to the next round and defend their title against new opponents. Next show is Wednesday 24 July – be there to select your champion!  

To register a team contact us 

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Commission a show

Need a little warm glow to make your event shine? Lightbulb can provide you with a comedic showcase for your corporate or community event. We can customise our show to suit any theme or occasion. Please contact us for more details.

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Canberra Comedy Festival: Truth or Dare

In March 2019 the Lightbulb Players shared their impromptu magic with the Canberra Comedy Festival.  Two teams squared off in this seriously silly ‘Truth or Dare’ game show. Skeletons were unleashed from the closet and marshmallows consumed while delivering complex dialogue! Check out some of their antics

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