We rarely rehearse any of our daily interactions so when emotions, stress or unexpected situations come up we can struggle to think clearly and quickly on our feet.

Truth is, there’s a lot we can learn from improv and adapt these skills to our work and life.

Good improv happens through practiced techniques and principles to help people respond under pressure, think creatively and communicate effectively. These very same skills can give you the secret weapons of better conversation, faster thinking, unlocked creativity and confidence in your voice.

Our workshops are practical, fun, directly applicable to corporate life and we always respect the different comfort levels of participants.

All our facilitators have corporate careers and stage careers so bringing the two worlds together is something they do themselves each day. Workshops are founded on proven improv techniques and deliver capability development across communication skills, collaboration, innovation, problem-solving, leadership and resilience.

Having a fun and safe place to try new things and leaving the workshop with immediate new skills will put a spring in your step all the way back to work.

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Our Workshops 

Amplify: Communicate with Confidence

Learn skills to communicate effectively and adapt your style to any situation. (read more)

Match-fit: Return to Work

Invest in yourself and make the transition back to work with more self-assurance.(read more)

Connect: Building Your Team 

Unite your team authentically with laughter and shared experiences. (read more)

Adapt: Building Resilience

Gain the ability to adapt and change in the face of stress or uncertainty.(read more) 

Represent: Better Customer Service

Give your staff the skills to communicate with customers with more empathy, authenticity and creativity. (read more) 


Our emcce and facilitation services are available for events, planning days or conferences.

As confident stage improvisers and hosts our facilitators can adapt to your requirements. We will work with you to build the structure of your event to ensure it runs smoothly and your outcomes are met. 

Please contact us for more information.